Monday, August 17, 2009

Tyler Aug 10 2008

hello family,
Well this week has been good but unfortunately me and Elder Pauna had to separate our ways. He is going to be working in Bellville and I will stay in Hermanus for another transfer. My new companion is Elder Burridge he is from the land down under as well. President Probst must know that I hate these auzie people. HaHa. There are only four Astrailian missionaries in all the South Africa missions and 3 in Cape Town. I have been able to serve with the two of them in the mission. Elder Burridge though is a friend of Elder Paunas and he is from Sydney Australia. Things are going pretty good though. We have continued to work with Thomas and he left again for another tour in Nambia but we set the goal for him to eventually be baptized and receive the Aaronic Priesthood and baptize his son in the future. Hopefully it will help give him some encouragement to keep the word of wisdom and have the honor of baptizing his boy who turns 8 soon. He feels like he cant do it but I know that he can because he is humble. We have been working with Sibulele as well and he wants to be baptized. We don't have a set date with him yet but we hope to set one this week for 3 weeks coming so we have time to teach the him all lessons. Mama Galicapa left to Eastern Cape this past week but will be back in a months time. Sometimes it is hard to teach a lot of our progressing investigators because they're leaving all the time. We have been having family home evening at Portias home but this past week we found she had TB. She is trying to be admitted in a hospital around here but their crap, but she is being referred to the Hoosta hospital for TB patients but beds are full, please pray for her to be admitted into a hospital. We have been spending a lot of time at her home, Elder Pauna thought we should be checked but I don't think its to much worry because we've been vaccinated. We were able to give her a blessing which hopefully will help her in her recovery. She is a strong member and you can see through her faith and scripture study anything is possible. A recent sickness around the area is the swine flu and we just hope we don't come across it with all the people we meet. There is miracles that we see everyday some you really have to ponder and reflect upon but they do happen when you put forth effort. Elder Burridge and I have been studying Jesus the Christ and today we also have been learning about listening. I believe the most important tool you have as a missionary is listening. I can truly get better at it but it is tough, I have realized that everything you do as a missionary, people are looking and watching, even with preferal vision. You may think they're not watching but they see all and they don't care about how much you know but how much you care. Well have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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