Monday, August 24, 2009

Regan August 24, 2009

Monday was a really good p day for us. We were able to go to a members home and make them and there family some great food. They really enjoyed that we did that for them. We then had dinner at Bishop Price's home with his kids and grand kids. The message for family home evening was a strengthening in my life. Such simple but profound verses in the Children's Songbook allowed me to see the examples of Missionary Work of those diligent servants in the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday was a great Zone Conference. I never have felt more peace while giving a blessings than being able to be a participant with Sister Stowers blessings. I know that the Lord was present and was strengthening all of our testimonies. There were many things that I learned and have applied throughout the week now. I have strived to be even more obedient and I have felt the power and strength that has come into my life. I was astonished on how sudden and powerful that experience was and I am not going to turn away from it again. We went on splits later that night and Elder Jensen and I went and visited the Toolan family. There daughter is going to be baptized this Saturday.

Wednesday we went and mowed a Sister Thomas's yard because she has been feeling ill. We shared a message with Sister Henderson who is less active but has a grandson that is 8 and wants to be baptized so we are going to be working with her to come back to church and bring him with her. We then went on splits and Elder Barlow and I went and visited Martin with Brother Ballard. He had many questions concerning the Priesthood and then asked us if we could give his wife a blessing. The spirit was very strong and we all felt the spirit in our hearts. Elder Jensen went with Chris Mozina and taught Brother Phillips. He is doing great and progressing well towards baptism.

Thursday we started off planning and it went really well. Companionship Inventory with how it is set up now is really a strengthening tool behind Unity. We stopped and talked with the Reeves family and they invited us to have dinner in a few weeks and will be inviting their non-member friends so they can introduce them to us. We went and saw the Royce family and they are doing alright. They have been having struggles but with scripture study and daily prayer as a family they will only get stronger. We had activity night and had a few investigators there and it went well.

Friday we had a lot of service planned our but quickly had to change everything because it all got canceled. I have now gained a testimony on how important backup plans can be and that they are so important. We went and tracted for quite some time, but didn't find anyone. We went to the Walkers and shared a message with there family.

Saturday we had breakfast with the Sanders and then went to Kennedy Toolan's baptism. There were around 75 people there and about 15 non members and we are teaching 5 of them. Hopefully we will teach a few more. We are getting the appointments set up this week. We went and taught Junior Dukes with Sister Toolan and it went well. He has committed to baptism but has December 31st or September 15 in mind. His brother in-law Clyde was there and he sat in the lesson and has agreed to the return appointment the next time we go over. We will be talking with him in a few days on what he decides. We tracted for a few hours and found a potential that we will be visiting today and hopefully be able to talk with his wife.

On Sunday we had a great day at church. We had 9 investigators at church . Misty and Maeson were there and also Junior and Clyde. Chris was there and we taught him later that night at Sister Toolans on how to read and mark the Book of Mormon. He caught right on and we are having him and his girlfriend who is a member do a chapter a day. He seems to be very eager to learn and accepting of the Book of Mormon. We also had quite a few Part member families that came. We had dinner with the Coleman family after we went on splits with Grant and visited the Perdue's. They are doing great and are now back in to full activity.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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