Monday, September 21, 2009

Tyler Sept 21 2009

Hello family,

Thanks for the emails, it sounds like it has been a busy week. It is good to here that Aiden and Ashley are doing well. Mom thanks for being an angel and for the letters, they help me get through the tough weeks. Well this week has been kind of strange and new. I got transfer news on Tuesday and I am going to Windhoek, Namibia. I was expecting to fly out on Thursday early in the morning but because of the delay of obtaining our visas Elder Hajarijaona from Madagascar and me are staying in Somerset West. Elder Haj and I will just stay companions in Somerset West until we leave to Namibia which could be this week to three weeks time. I was sad to leave Hermanus though. I didn't even get to say goodbye to anyone because of the quick news except for the Beals and President Mackinnon. President Mackinnon say Hermanus is the Celestial kingdom in which I truly believe. Anywhere else must be of exaltation or of a lesser degree but I feel it is an honor and privilege to serve there which is a seldom opportunity. Yesterday I was able to attend the Cape Town stake conference which I didn't think I would be able to because of the news but it was great to attend and feel the spirit there and see the recent converts of Hermanus attend as well. President and Sister Probst spoke at the conference and the chapel was full with many filling the relief society room. Something that President Probst said in the conference that I liked was promised blessings only come through unforced obedience, the full blessings do not come through forced obedience, the kingdom of God can only be obtained by aligning our will with Gods will. I love to hear him speak, he is a man of God. We are staying in a four person boarding and mainly working the areas of Maccasar and Stellonbosch. We have had some success and some miracles this week which has been good. Well have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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