Monday, October 26, 2009

Regan October 26, 2008, Transfer to Mobile Alabama

On Monday we had a great visit with Sister Woodard and continued to help her desires to be focused on the temple. We had dinner at the Toolan's and made dinner for them. I great spiritual thought was shared and the spirit was strong.

On Tuesday we had District meeting in Defuniak and had some great role plays and learning really come to me. We then went to visit Sister Mercer but she wasn't home. On the way back to Crestview we visited quite a few less active members. We had a few visits fall through so we tracted which went pretty good. We went on trade-offs that night and Brother Parker and visited the Monroe's.

On Wednesday we went to Holt and delivered a referral and visited a few other members as we were there. We came back and tracted a bit and it went alright. That night we started to teach the Parson's the lessons again and they really opened up to the questions of the spirit.

On Thursday we did service for allot of the day for non-members. They really were grateful for our help. We cam back and planned for the upcoming week. That night we had activity night. We had a few less-actives and a few non-members there.

On Friday we got to a little bit more planning because it was down pouring rain and lightning and we couldn't tract. We then visited less active members and invited all of them to the Halloween Bash. We had dinner with the Wing's and had a great visit. We then went and visited the Walkers and invited them out to church.

On Saturday we went and visited a referral and tracted but didn't have much success. We went with President Miller and visited allot of people in Paxton with President Coleman and Brother Blocker. We went and visited the Reeves and invited them to invite their neighbors to church. We then visited less-actives and invited many of them to church.

On Sunday we had Junior at church but we also had allot of less actives and non-members there. I went on a trade off with Brother Bond and visited the Carr family. We had lunch at the Tews and dinner with the Fisher family. In between we saw the Royce family and also visited a few less active members.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

Oh and I am getting transferred back to the Mobile Area. I know quite a few members there and I am going to Mobile. I am also going to be a District Leader again.
my new address is

Elder Regan Hansen
157D Norton Place
Mobile, AL 36607

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