Monday, October 5, 2009

Tyler Oct 5 2009

Huie mora is good morning in Africaans. I love the Africaans language but I am moving to much with different kinds of people to pick much of it up. Well this has been alright I finally made it to Namibia and I was able to watch the conference on satellite broadcast. I don't have to pay for the time on the computer so I can type a little bit more now. This week has had a lot of things happen though. On Monday we had a combined p-day with both the Cape South zone and the Cape North zone where we played some dodgeball at the Mobray chapel in Cape Town. We also watched a great movie that tied in with zone conference the next day called, defeating the giants. We did some work that night in Maccassar with the colored people and Elder Hajarijoana spent some time with the Conrade family. On Tuesday we had our zone conference at Somerset West where we talked about aligning our will with Heavenly
Fathers and how Moses did such as in the pearl of great price. President Probst ceases to amaze me with how he applies principles of the gospel. We discussed a lot in just the first book of Moses how many principles in the gospel can be applied and how especially we are blessed to have this extract which Joseph Smith translated during the difficult times that the church was facing in 1830. I am grateful for Moses and the man he was to give up his earthly possessions to see all that the Father has and the glory that was given to him by the Father, when he was willing and most especially how we apply his teachings into our lives. It was a great lesson and I was able to participate in both of the zone conferences with Cape South on Tuesday and the Namibia zone conference on Friday. Elder Hajarijoana and did find a nice family the Cats family, we were able to teach them that night after the zone conference and then go to the ward correlation in Sommerset with Brother Andrew White. On Wednesday in the morning we went to the doctor Elder Wilson had to get a hep shot, I had to go to the eye doctor I had an infection in my eye that was getting bad. We had some difficulty finding a doctor that I could just see to get some droplets but we finally found somewhere that wasn't booked. I was hoping I would never have to see a doctor but it was still something pretty minor that could of gotten worse. We got the call Wednesday afternoon saying our visas had come and we would leave the Thursday afternoon. We did some tracting in the Ferngrove area by Macassar and we did bless a lot of people in the area and set up some return appointments for the other Elders when we would leave. On Thursday we had to go shop with the other Elders and then meet at the Somerset chapel so we could go with the office elders to the airport. Our flight was at 3:20 and the three of us me, Elder Hajarijoana and Elder Cobia that went to Namibia. We made it to Windhoek at about 5:30. their was a lot of turbulence and it seemed like their was a sand storm outside, it was the bumpiest plane ride I've ever been on, even the flight attendant said it was pretty bad with all the flights she has been on. President and Sister Probst was there to welcome us and we went from there straight to the chapel in Windhoek. Windhoek is basically in the middle of a desert and it is a town of about 300 thousand people. The country itself has only about 2.2 million. It is hot here and I got here just in the start of summer so it will hit about 100 degrees. Since I have been here, I am surprised that there is not one member of the branch that was really white or africaans. There are a few coloured people in the branch but it mainly consists of blacks. In Namibia their are the two branches one in Katatura and the other in Windhoek. They are both mission branches and President Charles is our branch president he is a returned missionary from Johannussburg and has a young family. Bro. Licious is our branch mission leader and the guy is pretty cool. The Namibia zone is smaller with only 12 elders in the country and 6 missionaries per branch. Elder Haugen is my companion and he is from San Clemente, California. We have a sweet area. The Windhoek South area and the President of the country is just a few miles from our flat. Since I've been here there are a lot of different languages that are tribal, from Shona to Portuguese but not any Xhosas. I will have to update you more on the languages and people as we continue to visit and see them. The food here is more expensive and it is a little more high class than South Africa as I see the wealth distributed. We had our Namibia zone conference on the Friday and then watched on Saturday at 6pm the Saturday morning session. On Sunday we watched the priesthood session at 11am and then the Saturday afternoon session at 2 pm. We taught some investigators like Swano from Botswana at the church from the time of 4-6 and then watched the Sunday morning session at 6pm. We weren't able to watch the Sunday afternoon session unless we could of stayed until 10 so I will just wait and buy the dvds. The conference was sweet though I can apply a lot of things in my life. Well have a good day.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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