Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tyler Nov 17 2009

hello family,

Thanks a lot for the pictures and emails they look really great. Well I wasn't able to take any pictures this past week but never the less it has been pretty good. yesterday we had the branch conference in Windhoek and President Probst gave some really great council to the branch about the excitement of the church. He just recently had a mission presidents seminar with Elder Anderson of the twelve and was very excited about the things they had said. He said don't underestimate the power and glory of this church he said Africa is at it time to blossom like South America. He gave a lot of inspired counsel about hometeaching in the branch I liked one of the comments that he made, he said if you cant take care of your neighbor how do you expect to take care of worlds. He is really excited about the work and I know for myself that he is called of God, it is always good to have him come up and see and speak with him a bit. This past week has been pretty good as we have been able to find quite a few good new investigators and also have support of the branch in helping bare testimony. I don't think that is a problem whatsoever in the branch and that is the help of the fellowshippers like Bro. Don, John, Ozario, and anyone they are always willing to come out and help the missionaries out. We were able to see one of my favorites, Shippo this week, he was a little concerned about the Book of Mormon being not from God but he had some great questions to ask us regarding the spirit world and the restoration of the gospel. I like seeing him because he has great questions to ask and it is always fun to answer peoples concerns when they have them. I am grateful for the health care in America Shippos brother had quite a birth defect when he was younger and while we were there he wrecked his bicycle outside and had an injury to his head. The doctors before did a surgery on his head where they took a lot of his skull out and so on the back of his head he has just his skin to protect his brain. The doctors thought he would just die it why we think they didn't put a plate back on to protect his brain. He had wrecked and was blessed he didn't hit the part of his head that was tender to the brain. He had a bad scrape on the back of his head that just missed the tender part. Elder Haugen had a first aid kit so we were able to help him out a little bit but we hope we can encourage him to go back to the doctor to have a plate put back in to protect him while he is in his growing up rougher years. We were hoping more people would come to church with the commitments that we left with people but we will just have to keep encouraging and inviting to read the Book of Mormon which will give them the spirit in their lives to come. I am personally excited for Techafara and the progress that he is making. Clever a member in the branch is a great support to him and exemplar. This week will be good to be encouraging the investigators that we have at this point that have potential. I believe all they need is some tender love and care and time to help them become what their potential is.
Thanks for every thing and have a good week.

Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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