Monday, November 2, 2009

Tyler Nov 2 09


Thanks for the pictures that you sent. This week went pretty well it is just hot here. I don't know where to start but Tshwano still is doing well. She has talked more with her family this week and she was kind of depressed on Saturday night because her family wasn't to accepting of her decision to be baptized. I believe she will do some more talking with her family about the church but I Know that she is the pioneer in her family to opening up their gate. We were hoping a lot of people would come to church this week with all the commitments that we left but only 4 came. This week was transfers and they pulled two more missionaries out of the Windhoek branch so now it is just the four of us. There are 6 in Katura and 4 in Windhoek now. Our area is getting very large now and covers about half of the southern city of Windhoek, we have a lot of people to home teach. We have been able to locate a lot of the less active in the city and have continued to see them. We met with Johanna this past Friday she is attending the University of Namibia and is a niece to the Shikango family. We took Karobo and Leon on with us from the branch to help fellowship but she never made it to church this past week. We were hoping we could find some good investigators on halloween evening but not a lot of people were home. We found a lot of upset people for some reason. There is a guy that stays in Cimbasia who was recently baptized in June but he is dodging all of our calls and attempts, to come and visit him. But we are continuing to find some good people to teach. I think the family that I was most excited for was the Lethologoje family They have been in contact with missionaries for the past couple of years but we followed up with them and they seem to be really excited about the message of the restoration and the Book of Mormon. We were hoping they could make it to church this past week but they didn't come. We will see them this week but I am thinking that maybe transportation could be a problem since they have like 5 vehicles and none of them run at all. Well for miracles of the day, Elder Haugen dropped the phone in the toilet today and it still continues to work but I don't think I'll be speaking on it with out some major bleach cleaning . Thanks for everything have a good week.


Elder Tyler Hansen

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