Monday, March 15, 2010

Regan, March 15, 2010

This week has been really great to get out and do some great service and being able to have a few splits this week with some of the members. Being able to follow the prompting of service and doing it for a less active member almost brought me to tears seeing her appreciation and thanks for what the Lord asked us to do.

Monday we had a pretty great P-day. We spent most of our day near our apartment and getting a lot of different things done we needed to do. As we traveled closer to our dinner appointment that evening we visited with different members to see how they were doing. We had a really great dinner with the Hearn's and the Mason's. It has been great that we have been able to have them both there because the Mason's have been less active and Melissa and Eric Hearn are around their same age and they have formed a great friendship. We had a great evening with them and shared a spiritual thought that the spirit testified to them.

Tuesday we had a really good district meeting. We prepared by going over the Zone Conference packet and had a really great time. The spirit was very strong and we all committed to do all of those things for Zone Conference that would prepare us a individuals and companionship's that would allow us to be prepared to receive direction. We tracted near Rachel Bartlett who is one of our investigators before our appointment with her. We were able to share the gospel at the doorstep with a few people. We had a great appointment with Sister Bartlett and were able to read Alma 32 with her and discuss it. She was very happy when we showed up and we could tell that she was excited to hear more. We committed her to read 3 Nephi 11 and to going over the Restoration Pamphlet, which she gladly accepted. We left and tracted near our dinner appointment that evening and found Campbell. He is a really nice guy and we are hoping when we go back he will be interested in having a Book of Mormon. We had dinner with the Klug's that evening and then traveled to institute with a less active member who is coming back to church.

Wednesday we went to visit a few people we had appointments with but the fell through so we tracted near them. We stopped by and visited with Sister Binkerd for a moment to bring her the Relief Society Manual so she could study it until she is able to attend church. After lunch we had a great lesson with Kimberly Evans. She has been feeling a lot better and was happy we were able to make it. We watched some church history with her and as she asked questions and we discussed we all learned many new important truths. We continued to tract near Campbell's home and talked with a few people. That night we visited with the Baylor's who we are hoping to get the kids to come to the Young Women and Young Men activities. We then went and splits with Brother Emmertson and delivered a referral to Jackari. We had a great lesson with him and committed him to watch the Lamb of God DVD we delivered and we discuss it when we came back next.

Thursday we started of the Morning by getting all the tools for the service we did for Sister Binkerd. We saved a lot of time with the help of members and were able to clean her entire front yard. It truly felt great being able to serve her. I had received a prompting to do service for her a few days before and as we discussed it we planned on when we would do it and then we did it. It was such an amazing spirit felt morning and she truly blessed us with her spirit as we served. She told us that she was hugging us deep down inside and she was truly filled with gratitude. We visited with Janice Thompson after service and had a great time being able to talk with her for the few moments that she had. We then traveled to take back the tools to the Parkes and I ended up doing some service there for the family. We ended up having dinner with them and visited with Brother Serrano who was also there helping them with service.

Friday we did our planning first thing and had a really great time. Following the assignment for Zone Conference really allowed me to see a new and better perspective to planning that I had never felt and received before. I am really grateful for this experience and will continue to follow planning the same way to continue to receive and improve each and every week and day. Elder Bawden had a doctors appointment that went well and they put him on some more antibiotics to try and treat the problem he is having. We visited with the Fairchild's and found out the kids were feeling better but Brother Fairchild was under the weather. They haven't been to church a lot because of illnesses and we are hoping that they will be over them and be back to church soon. We traveled to Saraland to our dinner appointment and visited with Sister Wilson on the way up. She has had a crazy work schedule that has been keeping her from work but she is applying for new jobs so she can attend church. We also visited with a few other members who had moved or joined another church. We had dinner with the Mathies which went really well. After, we traveled and visited with the Shelton's and got to know them a little bit better. Sister Shelton stays really busy with work and being a single parent with two kids that play sports and do other activities.

Saturday we started first thing at Bishop's Storehouse and had a really great time being able to serve there. After we traveled back with Brother Klug and gave on of his friends a blessing who isn't a member. We came back home and tracted near our house and talked with a few people. After Lunch we biked and tracted for a few more hours. We have been trying to save miles because we have now been going to Saraland almost every week and sometimes have had to go twice. As we tracted we talked with 10 different people throughout the day. Continuing to Testify of the Restoration has brought His Spirit stronger into my life and has continued to strengthen my testimony at each and every doorstep. On the way back we stopped and talked with Dave Mclaughlin and found out that he is going to join the military soon. They are doing really well for the most part and he is just waiting for some paper work to come through so he can be sworn in. We then traveled to the Mason's and spent another evening with them and the Hearn's which went really well. Brother Mason's trust has continued to build and we are hoping that he will soon be ready to come back to church.

Sunday was a really great day. Keno and Valentine Johnny were at church with the family. They haven't yet got there marriage license but they will get everything filled out this week so they can pick it up next Monday when Keno gets back in town from work. We had a great lesson with them and a few other member on the Sabbath Day. They all committed to strive to keep the Sabbath Day holy. We tracted after potluck and had were able to talk with 5 people. A few of them we have picked up as potential investigators and will be following up with them this week. We then traveled with Brother Lunceford to visit a few members. We talked with Sister Thompson who has been having a lot of problems with her new spouse and his drinking. We ended up giving her a blessing which really helped her a lot. We visited with the Harris family. Brother Harris has two sisters who are less active and we were able to talk with them. We stopped and talked with Bishop Parkes and filled him in on the problems that Sister Thompson is dealing with. We had dinner with the Martyn family which went really well and shared a spiritual thought with them.

This week has been filled with a lot of great experiences. We are still planning on Keno and Valentine Johnny's baptisms for March 27th. It is all depending on when they get the marriage license, but we do have all the rides set up for them so it shouldn't be a problem.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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