Monday, March 29, 2010

Regan, March 29, 2010

This past week has been going really well. We had some really great experiences and the Lord has allowed us to become and instrument in His hands. Everything is still going right on course for Keno and Valentine to be Married and Baptized on April 10th. They have been able to get there marriage license and everything is now being set up for this great day for them.

Monday we had a really great p-day. We didn't do to much but what we did has helped us out a lot. We were able to spend some extra time in studies that allowed to to receive His spirit stronger and also caught up on letter and our journals. We had a great dinner with the Hearns and shared with them some of our investigators that we would love to have them help out with. They said that they would help us out and we are really excited to introduce them to Paul Hawkins and his family.

Tuesday we started off the day with District Meeting. We had a great discussion that allowed us to reflect on different things of the Zone Conference packet and how they had changed our daily efforts of service. We had a great visit with Sister Binkerd after and found out that with her MS she is starting to have secondary problems that are taking effect. She has such a great attitude about her situation and has the brightest spirits and Love for others I have seen in her situation. After we tracted for a few hours and were able to testify and ask for referrals from 7 different people we tracted into. We had a great lesson with Rachel Bartlett and she expressed how much she enjoyed reading Moroni 10. She read Moroni 10 to us and we discussed with her about her thoughts and feelings. We left her with Alma 40 to read in preparation to teach the Plan of Salvation. We had dinner with the Fairchilds which went really well and we finished the night out by having family home evening with Sister Byrd and gave her a blessing for her asthma.

Wednesday we started the day off by saving a few miles and biked to a few places near the church to tract and also visit a few referrals that we had received. After lunch we traveled and visited with Kimberly Evans and watched some church history DVDs with her and will be following up on how her reading has been going. After we traveled towards the Parkes home and tracted. We were able to talk with Jennifer and had a really good visit with her. She is a grad student and is very busy but we are hoping to be able to teach her. We had dinner with the Parkes that went really well and then we went and visited with a few less actives and made calls to some investigators.

Thursday we had a great day of planning and continued to have building studies throughout the week that have prepared us better on helping our Investigators. While planning we were able to set up some appointments with some investigators who haven't been progressing as well to see if we need to drop them. After lunch we continued to tract for about quite sometime. We had some great miracles happen and we were able to find Renita, Chiquita, and Jasmine. We had a great first lesson with Chiquita and left her with a Book of Mormon to read and then to pray for herself. She was really excited to receive the Book of Mormon so she could read Alma 32 because from the overview she feels that it closely relates to a few things she is going through. We had dinner with the Odom's which went well and we followed up with Sister Odom on her commitment to give a Book of Mormon to a friend, which she will be doing this week. After we left to visit a few members that we were hoping to see.

Friday we tried to visit a few investigators that we were thinking about dropping and had to drop them. It was truly sad to see how they had progressed so well but didn't quite want to finish. We continued to tract a bit and talked to quite a few people who had some potential. After lunch we continued to tract and were able to talk with Kyle who we should be visiting with next week when he comes back into town from his business trip. We were able to testify and ask for from 8 different people as we tracted. It has been a blessing to see that with a simple testimony many people really think more about those that they could refer us to. We then visited with Brother Serrano for a quick minute just to see how his studies had been coming along. After dinner we visited with the Baylor family which went pretty good. There daughter has had some health problems recently but is now doing a lot better. We invited them to activity night which they are getting more and more excited about coming to.

Saturday we had a great day of service start with Bishop's Storehouse and ending with helping the Fairchild's plant some of their Garden. After we went with Elder Orgill and Elder Shirley to visit with a person they had tracted into and handed Alex and his wife of to us. They weren't able to meet with us at that time but we were able to introduce ourselves to them. We then tracted for a bit which went really well and allowed us to continue to testify of the Restoration. We finished off the night by calling some investigators that we had and invited them to church which will be trying to implement more and more each week.

Sunday was just a really great day and really hard to explain how I felt throughout the day. Church went really well and the spirit was very strong. Mathew was able to come with Sister Kelly his mom and she expressed to us that she wanted him to talk with us about teaching him so he could get baptized soon. It was a blessing that we didn't expect at the time but we are now grateful that we will be able to teach him. After the fast we went and had an afternoon meal with the Bedwell family. We shared with them a thought in Ether and then went with Brother Bedwell to visit Sister Johnson who is in the hospital. She is doing alright but she doesn't know how long she has to stay for right now. Before we left Saraland we visited with Sister Thompson and her husband. They are doing pretty good and we found out that he is going to be pretty busy with work for the next 6 months. We then had dinner with Brother Serrano and had a really great lesson with him. He is getting excited about being able to get his patriarchal blessing and also receive the Melchizedek Priesthood.

This week even though we have had to drop a few people the Lord blessed us by opening the doors and having the opportunity of being able to find those that we can continue to help on their personal Journey to Him.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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