Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tyler march 8 2010

Hello family,

Well this week has been kind of stressful but anyways ya I got transferred to George, South Africa. I will be the district leader here but I'm not as excited about the area, as Windhoek. My companion is from a small city north of Johannesburg but his name is elder Maja. I am really missing Namibia and being with elder Probst but love the people there. There has been a lot of baptisms in the branch of George but not as good of retention. I flew from Windhoek on Thursday but our flight was supposed to be at 11;00 when we got there at like 9:30 the flight was delayed until 1:30 that afternoon. Since the Windhoek airport is about 40 kilometers outside of Windhoek we decided to stay there and wait for a few hours. When the time came around the flight was delayed again until 4:30 so we waited for another few hours and then when the time came around the flight was cancelled due to technical difficulties. They had another open flight to cape town at 7:00 so we decided to go for this one. By the time this flight had opened up there was a lot of impatient people and a little bit of entertainment throughout the day. We finally made it on the airplane but I was really sad to go. The plane ride only took like an 1hour and 30 minutes to get there which was really quick, probably because of the impatient people the pilots decided to turn on the burners. When I got there it was about 9:00 at night and so we stayed at some boarding in Cape Town. Since the flight was cancelled I missed the bus ride to George which takes like 8 hours so the next day I got the flight to George at 1:30which was like a one hour and twenty minute plane ride. I finally got there at three oclock on the Friday afternoon and the senior couple the Odells fetched me at the airport. The Odells are great and a pretty fun senior coupe to be around. They are from Arizona and it seems like they just love the missionaries. This week is our Port Elizabeth zone conference and so we will drive like 5 hours from George to get there and so we will most likely drive on Wednesday afternoon to get to there and go with the Odells. The branch in George is very small and is a mission branch. There is a very good branch president here just like Namibia but I just hope we can find some people that want to hear the gospel which I hope we can get some referrals going here because I am not a fan of tracting to much, there is not much of a support system. We have one baptismal date established now with a guy named Martin but hopefully as thing go we can find some more interested people. I am jealous for elder Probst right now because there are just some sweet people in Namibia, like all the recent converts and investigators that we were working with. Well I am absolutely homesick for Namibia but hopefully things will get better as the week drags on. George is a nice town with a lot of white Africaans people and we are in the white area. Elder Wilson from Spanish Fork is in the district and is companions with elder Moyo from South Africa, so there is someone that I will be with from my transfer. well when I left John was very excited to come and he sent me an email on how he is doing. When he comes to see you in a month he will bring my painting by and also paint some stuff for you around the house. Elder Probst I miss, but his rash is about the same, he is being sent some cream that might help out the rash so hopefully that will work. Well have a good week and hope to hear more about what is happening.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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