Monday, June 28, 2010

Regan June 21, 2010

This week has been a great week but it has also been extremely warm and it is not going to stop. We have just been very careful with making sure we have enough water and that we are trying to talk with everyone because it allows us to break and share the gospel with them which is great being able to talk with more people.

Monday we spent most of our preparation day helping the Parkes by painting and doing service for them. We were able to get much of the task accomplished and were able to spend sometime talking with the kids and having them help us paint and work hard. We then got cleaned up really quick and headed off to dinner with the Fairchild's which went really well and we spent sometime sharing a spiritual message with the kids. We then went and tried to visit with a few less active members and made phone calls for those new referrals we received and those we needed to call.

Tuesday we had a really great district meeting. The spirit was able to have us all commit to different things that individually and as companionship's will strengthen our efforts within his service. We were able to spend some time focusing on some goals to set us companionship's and we were able to set a goal as a district to be more diligent in those things of which we committed to. As a district we had a lunch together and were able to get to know and talk with each other some more which allowed us to strengthen our unity as a district. We then went and did our emails very quickly and then got back to work. We visited with Brother Martyn who is the new elders quorum president and we discussed with him some things that we are going to try and do together to strengthen within home teaching and with members. We went and did some tracting which went well being able to be out and trying to talk with everyone. We headed for dinner at the Fairchild's which went really well and we then went and focused on taking care of phone calls and some last minute things we needed to get for a lesson.

Wednesday we stopped first thing in the morning so I could give a shot to one of the Fairchild's puppy and we then headed off and began to tract. We were able to talk with quite a few people and found some potential investigators we are going to follow up with. We then headed up after lunch to the Saraland area and visited with Sister Thompson. She has been very busy with her garden and it has really been growing good. We invited her to come to church and we are hoping that she will choose to make it. We then traveled up to visit with Melissa who came to church this past week. We had a really great lesson with her and she opened up really well to where the lesson was taken to the end result of sharing about the Plan of Salvation. It is so amazing at how beautiful the spirit guides and teaches. We then had dinner with the Cogsdell and Hayes family which went really great. We shared a thought with them and quickly headed off for our lesson with the Young Women. We had a lesson on missionary work and how through their examples they will carry the Light to their friends.

Thursday we began with having some really great planning. It really helped us to spend sometime all working on updating progress records, teaching records, and other records that we have been working on. We were able to set some really good goals but more importantly we were able to set goals that will help us to be more diligent and patient in our efforts. After lunch we went and visited with Joe Hickman and really focused with his comments and were directed to teach the Restoration. We then went and followed up with Lindsey who we talked with last week and ended up talking with her and also her boyfriend Brad. We were able to answer allot of their questions and a lot of his interest was peaked as we discussed a bit about the spirit world. We then continued to do some more tracting which went really well. We had dinner with the Odom's and shared a message with them before we headed off to the Johnny's. We talked with them about the importance of the temple and keeping them focused on getting there.

Friday we started off in the morning by taking in our car and getting the 2nd recall notice fixed on it. We were able to get a little bit of extra study in and we talked with allot of people there about the gospel. We then visited with Sister DeGuire which went really well and we were able to offer service to her and invite her to church. We then started out in the afternoon doing allot of tracting and talking with allot of people. We were able to visit with a few less active member just to get some water and see how they were doing. We then got some new tires on the car and talked with a few people in there. We went back out and continued to tract before we went and did some service for the Fairchild's and helped them clean up so they could prepare to paint.

Saturday we began with service at the Bishop's Storehouse which went really well and we were able to get allot of things accomplished. We delivered a few of the orders for some of the members in the ward with the Morris's and then went to the Mathie's with them to do some more service. We visited with Sister Jett which was great and she is doing pretty good. She has lost a bit of weight but she is still holding on stronger than ever. We came back and Elder Bawden helped Brother Fairchild do some primer while Elder Mackay and I went out and did some visits and some tracting. Elder Mackay and I had dinner with the Blackmon's and visited with their granddaughter who is not a member. We will be following up and seeing if she is interested this next week. We then came back after doing a little bit of tracting and helped for the last hour before coming in that night and helping with the primer at the Fairchild's.

Sunday we didn't have any investigators at church but we were able to feel the spirit throughout the meetings and really were strengthened. Brother Tyler had his girlfriend at church but we were not able to set up an appointment with them at that time. We were able to help Brother Mathie at church because he has just been getting worse and worse and we found out last night that he passed away. He was a really great man and someone as many of the other that I have learned from their example and will remember it for the rest of my life. We visited with Brother Lambert after church and then continued to do some tracting. We were able to talk with allot of great people and find a few more potentials. We had dinner with Brother Tyler that night and talked about being able to teach his girlfriend. They are both extremely busy driving ambulances.

This week has been a week that we have been able to focus on some new goals and really set a stronger standard to strengthen our efforts and understanding of what the lord wants us to do.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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