Friday, June 18, 2010

Tyler April 14 2010

Hello Family,

Well this past week was transfers and so I will be staying here in George another transfer in George. It will be huge growth building experience for me because I have had a hard time in this place. We have Elizabeth Dangeans baptism on Saturday and so that is something great coming up. Elder Wilson and elder Moyo left Thembulethu the township here and so the area will be whitewashed. There will be Elder Bradshaw and somebody from Madagascar come into the area and the district. The area in George has been really kind of slow. there was three hundred extra ensigns from the last general conference sent to George a little while ago and so we are taking them to different businesses and practices for the client and patients to read them. We are just leaving are contact details with them and so i hope soon we can start to get some phone calls with as many that we have started to hand out. I one of the challenges is trying to build good relationship with everyone in the branch because I don't know whats happened in the past but a lot of the members don't want much to do with the missionaries. We talked with a guy that is pretty old in the branch to see if we could visit him and he said he was going to be busy for the entire week. It is just kind of disappointing because I have not met many people to where they cant take one hour out of there week to talk with missionaries. The Odells left this past Friday to Port Alfred and it hasn't been the same without them around. Have a good week tell me how things are.

love Elder Tyler Hansen.

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