Friday, June 18, 2010

Tyler April 19 2010

Hello family,

Well this week was transfers so I will stay in George for another 6 weeks at least, I know that President Probst is humbling me in this area, because he knows that I don't like it as much so I will be here for quite a while I feel. We had interviews this past week and he just basically said it will prepare you for the future. I don't like this district leader stuff, I am being stretched to much. it would be nice and I just need to find a way to convince President Probst to move me down to a co companionship or junior or Namibia but it wont happen. haha
This past week was Elizabeth's Dangeans baptism at the river. Everything went really well and the next day the Probsts came to church and President Probst was able to confirm her. We have quite a few recent converts in the branch and with them all, I just don't know if the branch can handle a lot of new members because there isn't enough established leadership, but the branch is growing and President Probst told me that they are looking for ground so that they can build a proper chapel soon in George. Today we are going to be driving to Port Elizabeth to a zone conference on Tuesday. A lot of the days this week are going to be taken away from proselyting between zone conference and watching general conference on Saturday on Sunday. We will have the zone conference on Tuesday and then come back that night I don't think there is another place in the mission that it more compared in banishment and so far away from things than George. I look forward to the upcoming zone conference though it will really give us some good ideas on how to find people here in George. From the talks that were assigned to us we were assigned spontaneous talks on how do we build faith in finding people to teach. 2) what does it me to find them that will receive you. 3) How did the savior find people to teach. So I really look forward to what will be said through the spirit through President Probsts superior wisdom and how we can apply it here in George. Well Elder Maja is in the district still with me and then there is Elder Bradshaw from Centerville, and Elder Hajamaramalala from Madigasscar. The other guys area got whitewashed and this week they also experienced two car accidents. Elder Wilson and Moyo got hit in the back of the car by a drunk driver just before they got transferred to Mdantsane and so there was quite a bit of damage to the car and then Elder Bradshaw drove from Port Elizabeth and they had a brand new car and someone hit them in the back last night so the township of Thembulethu is pretty crazy. Things here are going really good though, Well thanks for everything, have a good week.

Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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