Monday, June 28, 2010

Regan June, 28, 2010

This week has seen its different challenges but it has also opened up many promptings of the spirit to bring us to a new understanding of submissiveness for the Lord. We were able to see a change within our investigators that only the spirit and the Lord could bring into their lives.

Monday we had a really great opportunity to strengthen our unity with a new ward member. We were able to spend sometime on p-day with Brother Blackburn and went on some trail rides. It was really fun being able to talk with him and find out that he is willing to go out with us and help us when he can. We continued out the day with our emails and taking care of some shopping and cleaning that we wanted to do. We were also able to visit with the Parkes family which was really great. They are probably the family that I will remember the most from all of my mission. We finished the evening with dinner at the Fairchild's and did some service for them as we were there.

Tuesday we were able to have a great District Meeting that continued to allow us to act upon those things of which we are receiving. The spirit was able to commit us all to do better and we committed that we would act upon it and continue to strive to follow all promptings that we receive. After lunch we visited with Brother Serrano and were able to answer allot of questions that he had concerning the spirit world. His father passed away a little bit ago and many of his family members had questions that he was trying to get better answers for. We had a lesson afterwards with Joe Hickman and we had to be bold with him. We taught the Restoration and focused on how the Priesthood and been restored but he is still very staunch in his Catholic ways. As we expressed our love and concern in such a bold fashion I felt that it broke a barrier that he had up. We will follow up with him this week and from there we may drop him. We continued to do some tracting afterwards which was really good and then we went to the church to help for the set up of Brother Mathie's funeral. We were able to get a lot of different things accomplished and were able to take much of the burden off of the Relief Society sisters backs. We then went with the Theodore missionaries and Elder Bawden did the baptismal interview for Edlyn which went really well.

Wednesday we started off with Elder Bawden's doctors appointment which went really well. He found out that everything was good and he didn't need to come back for anymore follow up visits. We came back and did some studies before starting on our way. We tracted a little bit before lunch and testified to some great people. After lunch we traveled and visited with Sister Kimberly Evans and watched Finding Faith in Christ. As we were there her neighbors brought over some anti-literature for us. We used it as an example that if they brought anything in the future over to just through it away. We were able to then leave and throw away the material ourselves. We then had a really great lesson with Melissa and we focused allot on the Atonement and it healing powers. We watched Lamb Of God and it gave her a real sense and understanding of what Jesus Christ went through for us. We answered further questions for her reading that she had and left her to continue reading in the next chapter. We came back down for Brother Mathie's wake and funeral service. The spirit was very strong and the messages that were shared touched many hearts. We then had dinner with Brother Martyn and discussed things about the Elders Quorum. He is the new president and is wanting to set up things so we can help them and they can help us.

Thursday we started out with a great lesson with Caroline Chebet. We were able to talk with her and she came with a lot of great questions. We asked her how her reading went in 3 Nehpi 11 and she asked a few questions. We followed up about her watching the Restoration and she wasn't able to so we decided that we should watch it with her. The spirit was so strong as we testified and as she watched that she felt a change come into her life. We were able to see the change within her countenance and the spirit was able to answer questions she had in her heart. She committed herself to read and pray to know if what we shared was true. We are planning this next week to set a baptismal date with her for around July 10th. We then went and tracted for a bit which went pretty well. We were able to testify to many people and found a referral for the spanish elders. We went and visited with Evalyn and it was a very night to day appointment. This time she wasn't very open and she really didn't pay attention at all. We felt it may be because of the person that was there, so we are going to follow up and see if she is still open to learning. We visited with the Klug's which went well and found out that Brother Klug will be having surgery soon for the cancer he has but it hasn't spread which is good. We had dinner with Sister Seats which went really well and we left a thought on Ether and invited her to church. We then did some service at the Olsen's and helped cut down a tree with the High Priest and Elders Quorum.

Friday we began our day with planning and we were able to update all of our records. We were all able to do allot of different things and work in unity to accomplish all that was needed. We were able to set some really great goals that will stretch us to keep being diligent and improve personal and companionship goals that we are focused on. We were able to have lunch with the Parkes and Odom's which was really great. We were able to talk about a few different things and working on setting some plans for service up. We went and visited with a media referral that we had which went well. Roderick Fisher said that he would watch the Restoration DVD and we also gave him a Book of Mormon to read. We said that we would follow up next week and he was very open about it. We then visited with the Baylors which went really well and we were able to invite them to activity night. We came back and had dinner then headed to activity night which went really well and a few families showed up.

Saturday we started by visiting with a few potentials but didn't have any luck with them. We went and visited Ryesha Henderson and talked with her for a little bit. She invited us back for dinner on July 3rd and that will give us a good opportunity to talk with her husband Andrew who isn't a member. We then continued before lunch to try and visit other less active members and did some tracting in between. After lunch we went to the flea market and visited with Sister Bross and Sister Evans. We are hoping to get Sister Bross to come back to church but she has been reading the ensign while she is working down there. We then visited with a potential and we still have to follow up next week with her. We visited with the Johnny's which went really well and we were able to answer a few questions for Brother Johnny about them moving soon and getting things set up. We had dinner with a less active member which went really well and we invited him to church but he wasn't able to make it. He has been talking with a few friends that we will be teaching soon.

Sunday we started the day with PEC which went well and we were able to discuss a lot of things of which have been happening and seeing where they can help us. At church a member from Missouri brought one of his friends who lives in the area to church and we were able to teach him and set up an appointment to visit him this next week. It was great to feel of Brother Taylors testimony already and will be looking forward to seeing him this week. Melissa was also able to attend church which was great and we had a good lesson in Gospel Principles. They both stayed for sacrament meeting which went really well and the spirit and messages shared were powerful. We ate lunch at the church and then quickly went off to tracting. We had a really great discussion with a few people but they weren't interested in hearing more. We then visited with a few less active members which went well. We stopped by and visited Sister Gover and we will be setting up another time to visit her. We also visited with the Blackmon's and Wyser's which went really well. We ended the night by visiting a few other members and finished with the last Conference Call with President Summerhays.

This week has brought us a new understanding of staying in the right spirit that way we will always be able to instruments in his hands and be able to witness the miracles that happen within our Investigators lives.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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