Friday, June 18, 2010

Tyler April 26 2010

Hello Family,

I look forward to September to see Jefferey R. Holland that will be pretty sweet, Elder Probst told me that he was coming but did not know when. We have had President Kolliker from the area seventy come a couple of times and also Elder Watson of the seventy has also come once to the mission. This past Tuesday we had a really great conference on how to increase our faith to find people to teach. It is something that we are struggling with here in George and so there were a lot of great ideas to find some new investigators. President Probst gave some some great insight and asked some questions to first show that we are in the right mission. He then told us how the transfers work and how we are chosen to areas just like the council given from Elder Rasband of the seventy of choosing by revelation where missionaries need to go throughout the mission. He then asked if we believed we were in the right area in the mission because then there would be no need to proceed on. And then he shared on that if we believed we were in the right place in the right time. It was something great to ponder upon the council that he gave. He is definitely one of the wisest men I have ever met it wouldn't surprise me if he goes to the general authorities. Throughout the week we have been handing out ensigns to different business to help people find some interest and give us a call. We met a nice lady this past week that I have reflected on quite a bit. She works for a safety affirm business and when we knocked on the door she pulled us right into the board room. She was very inattentive as we talked about what we believed, I just hope that she will respect her word and eventually come to church. It has been hard to find white people to teach because most of them attend the dutch reformed but we have trying to think of ideas to say to persuade them to believe in the things that we say. I have learned that racial issues have been a problem in the branch, there is a lot of less active people that don't come because they don't want there children associating around the other children. We just hope that the branch can be strengthened by the conference because it is struggling alot. We were able to watch the general conference on this Saturday and Sunday and it was really great to watch. There was a few sessions where it was just us 4 missionaries and the branch president that watched but we really pushed for the people to attend this weekend but not many investigators and members attended unfortunately. well as for today we are going to have the ap's do some district training Elder Msimango who was in my district for a transfer in Namibia is now the new a.p. here with Elder Tanner. We are going to try and climb George peak which overlooks the ocean and the town of George and then at 7 we will be seeing Deseree and Elizabeth and the there family which are some recent converts. well thanks for the wishes, have a good day and week, send some pictures

Love elder Tyler Hansen

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