Monday, July 13, 2009

Regan July 13, 2009

This Past week has been great but also challenging which I enjoy because it helps me to desire to work harder and strive to be exactly obedient so I may be endowed with power.

On Monday we started of the day with Brother Phillips. He is going to be baptized soon and we will be figuring out the new day because his father in-law will be coming out from Utah to perform the ordinance. We went trail riding with him and Brother Cooksey who has been a great support for teaching a truly a great friend who shows his love and support.

On Tuesday we had quite a few scheduled appointments with Lakesha, Beatrice, Trudy, Hazel, and Brother Phillips. Most of them fell through so we looked over past media referrals in the area and were able to find Diane and Mrs. Battle to teach. It was great to see how one door close but the Lord is always there to provide a way to accomplish his needs. We had a great lesson with Hazel and tracted by her home and found Kevin. I went with Elder Kenworthy to teach Brother Phillips when we were on trade offs with the AP's. It went really well and Brother Cooksey was there to be strong testimony.

On Wednesday we had zone conference which was very powerful and I received some great insights on how to help investigators feel the spirit daily. We then went and taught Kevin and it went really well and he just got out of the group home that he was in for the past week or so.

On Thursday we planned for this upcoming week and the evening with all the splits we would be going on. We went to see Mrs. Battle but she was under the weather so we will be contacting her today to set up a new appointment. We went to also see Diane but she wasn't home at the time which was very disappointing. We ate dinner at the Ballard's home and will be doing service for them on Saturday. The splits went well and we were able to visit many less actives in both wards.

On Friday we discussed the way to set up how to help our investigators feel the spirit daily. Elder Barlow received great insights and we were able to work together to set it up and it seems to be working well. We taught Kevin a brief Restoration and will be calling him today to set up a new appointment. We had dinner at President Campa's home and then went to to the church to discuss with Brother Beattie the new stop smoking program that we will be implementing and offering. I feel that it will be a very powerful program to help ward members and everyone.

On Saturday we were at the Ballards and spent some great quality time helping them with the service that they needed. It went really well and I feel that it has strengthen them greatly. We had an activity in the 1st ward which went well and we had many less actives that we recently had talked to and investigators that came.

On Sunday we had a few investigators that came to church and it was great. We also had a quite a few less active members that we had visited come back to church. We will be visiting a few of them and help them set up family home evening for their families.

This week has been a trying week and I have been very exhausted through out each and everyday but I am enjoying every minute of the hard work that we are able to achieve with those that we love.

Love you all and thank you for the great birthday reminders.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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