Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tyler June 30 2009

Hello family,
I'm doing pretty well. A lot of the people have a hard time understanding english and even their native language so visuals are the greatest tool that I have found for these people. Many of these people have really no education so explaining to them the plan of salvation can be quite a challenge let alone the restoration of the gospel. This past week went pretty well though for the most part. Lungiswa and Chokiswa baptisms got postponed to the 26 of July since Chokiswa has to go to Cape Town to visit her family for a few weeks, so we are looking foward to the 26. We were able to give quite a bit of service this week helping the Beals family move in Yvonne and her daughter Kathy. It was quite fun to help them move into there new home that they will be renting for a while here in Fisherhaven. We spent a lot of our time Friday and Saturday helping them move in. We were able to find a two new great investigators in holliday homes up by Kidbrooke. We didnt have much success until we met with Pieter and Ella Loots. When we came to their door they had just gotten back from a trip at Krugers park on the other end of the country and Peiter said to come in but talk nothing on religion. They are both in there 70's and both retired teachers. I am excited for them because we just talked with them about random things which eventually led to religion. Ella is of the dutch reformed church but Peiter has not been for years. It is just way neat to find someone in the white area who is willing to talk with you which makes for better days and potential priesthood for the branch. We are putting a lot of focus into the white area but it is hard to find people to talk to. I am excited for Walter and Suzan Coetzer as well. Walter has been reading the Book of Mormon during the lunch break that he has and he says that he really enjoys the Book of Mormon. They have a little boy named Hennie and is a family that I am really excited for, they keep progressing. The only concern that I have for him is, once he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon which he has read clear up to Alma now is the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church. Which may be very bold for him, but things are really going well for their family. Thomas Peschen is still struggling with the word of wisdom problem but line upon line I believe he may overcome his addictions. Things are going good.

Have a good week
Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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