Monday, July 20, 2009

Regan July 20, 2009

This week seemed at times to be not going anywhere but as we continued to work each and everyday the Lord blessed us with his children.

Monday we had a really good p-day. We had some activities that we did which was really fun and exciting. We had dinner at the Nelson's home which was great. They are an awesome family and they really know how to have charity.

Tuesday we had a great district meeting. It seemed as if many were very tired but as we followed the counsel in Doctrine & Covenants 88:122 everything went fabulous. The spirit was very strong I learned many new things on how to better help the area's. We gave service to Misty by helping move things around the house because she was moving the kids rooms around and doing other misc. things around her house. I had the opportunity that night to travel with President Coleman to Paxton to teach Sheila Parker. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it went great. I talked to President Coleman the next day and he let me know that she was very eager to continue to learn more. We will probably be spending all of this coming weekend there. Elder Barlow and Jensen visited a less active family and they had a great time and they left the family to pray and see if the temple was the next step for them.

Wednesday we had quite a few things fall through on us so we visited past investigators and potentials close to the area's that we were to be visiting. We talked with Curtis and Vanessa and Hopefully we will be able to set up and appointment here with them this week. Later that night Elder Jensen went on a split to visit a less active/part member family and it went well. We went out to Holt and visited less active/ part member families and we have allot of potential that we will be following up with shortly. Elder Barlow and I were in a stop tobacco class helping members and how to set it up to invite investigators and less active members to join the program. It went really well and the spirit was very strongly.

Thursday we had a great day of planning. We planned lesson plans that we will be giving and commitments to go with them along with passages that will strengthen them. I have learned that following this pattern really helps very strongly in coordinating our efforts. We visited the Fehlman's and helped split many logs before the rain started. We had dinner with the Monte's and it went well and Brother Monte has now came to church for the past 3 weeks. We had activity night and had allot of investigators there and will be setting up to have a spiritual message and not just a prayer before.

Friday we visited quite a few member that live next to us that had not been visited for awhile. We then went and visited a few potentials and less active members and were able to set up an appointment with Trudy. We went and taught Maeson and she has been able to have a very strong testimony begin to grow within. We will most likely be setting a baptismal date with her this coming week.

Saturday we went to do service at a less active members house and they finished it before we got there. We decided to head back and tract for a bit. We found Frances and also Dreynon. We have been blessed so well by the Lord. We then went to the Hospital and Administered a blessing to a less active member. He was very grateful of our visit and we will be visiting him later this week. We then visited the Walkers and went over and discussed many aspects of the Gospel. They all came to church the next week which was great.

Sunday I went to the Olive Branch with Brother White and had the opportunity to give a talk concerning our Pioneer Heritage. They had an investigator at church that I talked with and we will be getting an appointment set up here hopefully sometime this week. We then went on splits later and visited quite a few people. It has been great with the 2nd ward because they are always planning visits and asking us to help them which has kept us busier and it is great.
Everything has been going really well and we have quite a few of our Brothers and Sisters progressing to Enter in the Strait and Narrow.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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