Monday, July 6, 2009

Regan July 6, 2009

Well this week has grown with us to bring in more unity and love for each other and everyone that we have been able to be introduced to or contacted through the Lord's Divine help.

On Monday we visited a few less active members and helped strengthen their family with personal prayer and study as a family. It seemed to go real well and they gladly obliged and we will follow up with them this coming week.

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting and really got to bond and strengthen each other through our goals and also the spirit that was present to teach and re boost us each week. We traveled to visit an Investigator in the Olive Branch area and she was not home at the time so we looked over the potential and past investigator's and found a few promising ones that we felt to visit. We stopped by the Collinsworth family and talked for a bit and found out that her son's wife is not a member and recently had a child. It will be potentially a great conversation starter and the blessing of children. We helped a Sister move a few things out of her house because she had a few last minute things to put in the trailer. We had dinner at a members home that night in the 2nd ward which went well. We went to Misty's house and talked with the family and specifically Kevin and picked him up as a new investigator and set a Baptismal Date with him on July 18. We have followed up with him each day and he has been reading and praying each day and his testimony is growing.

On Wednesday we went to visit Shawn. We taught the Restoration and he really seemed to understand it well. He had never heard about prophets now and a need for the restoration. We invited him to read and pray. We also invited him to invite his family to join us on our next visit. We visited a few potentials around his home that we had tracted into and found Bronk. We visited all the referrals that we had received recently but we will be following up with them. We taught Brother Phillips at Brother Cooksey's house and it went well. The spirit was very strong and we set a Baptismal date with him also on July 18th. He might change it because his wife's family from Utah will be coming out and he wants his father in-law to baptize him which is great.

On Thursday we helped President Campa move a few things in his home and had lunch there and talked about the work within the area. We planned for the rest of the day and called quite a few people but no success with finding but we set up a few appointments. We taught Sister Toolan's daughter before baptism and it went well. We had all of the family there and the spirit was strong. We then had activity night and had 2 investigators there.

On Friday we started of the day right away calling all the potential investigators in all of the areas. We felt prompted and were able to set up one appointment and found about 5 potential who needed us to call them back. We then went over to Misty's home and taught Maeson and picked her up as a new investigator and invited her to church and also to read and pray. We had dinner with Sister Gray and then visited a few less actives.
On Saturday we tracted down Brock avenue where we have quite a few less actives. We found Lakesha, Trudy, and a couple more potential investigators. We then went to Brother Beattie's home and taught his daughter Rebecca and ate with her boyfriend and family. The discussion that we had went real well. We had dinner at Brother Wings house before the Fireworks. Unfortunately we saw a man get hit by a car. I prayed for him that night and hope that he is well.

On Sunday after church we visited Michael and watched the restoration with him. The spirit was very strong. We then went all on trade offs and visited less actives and talked with a few potential elders. We talked to Devon Brown who potentially might be coming to Zone Conference. We had 4 investigators at church which was great and one of them was in Paxton branch.

This week had been great for all of us and Defuniak had a great week to. As a district our hard work and dedication has really allowing the Lord to fulfill his work through us.

Love You and thank you for the support and Birthday cards. Time is flying by way to fast.

Elder Regan Hansen

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