Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tyler July 15 2008

This week was a good week, we had many service hours and it is good to see the progression of some of our investigators, especially Thomas Peschen. On Tuesday we had zone conference in Bellville and so we stayed at the zone leaders place on Monday night since it is quite a drive from Hermanus to Cape Town. It was great and Spencer Munyan says hi to Regan. He is going home this transfer and is a zone leader of the Cape north zone. We talked briefly and I told him Regan was my cousin from cache valley, so ya he sends his regards. President Probst gave counsel from his personal experience with his father on the trust he has for us and how we should be as a brotherhood of missionaries. He also explained many great things of how we need to be as missionaries to sanctify ourselves to edify our investigators through the power of the Holy Ghost. Sister Probst talked to us about the power of words and how they can sanctify or destroy a soul with the simple words that we use and how we need to think before we talk because we don’t know the effect of the words in which we use. Zone conference was great and I was deeply impressed from the words that are shared from them at each zone meeting. On our way back to Hermanus my companion was driving and we hit a porcupine so it was pretty interesting. We had one thorn go in the tire but interesting week. On Wednesday we helped Thomas Peschen build a pond on his yard and help build a gutter. He comes each and every week to church that is like a 40 minute drive but he leaves on his next tour on the 16 of July. He actually said he had family home evening with his family so it was great to hear, he is coming along great. We have been doing a lot of tracting in white areas lately. Not a lot of people are interested but we have few who we follow up with. We were able to receive many referrals from the Beals family Saturday so I look forward to speaking with some of these people this upcoming week. This week was not the best attendance for church since it has rained a lot this week but the township people are still champions for coming each and every week. The whales have started to come in the bay lately and at a members house yesterday you could see them just within rock throwing distance of her backyard in Hermanus just of the cliffs. We were able to find more potential male investigators like James and Livingston who we will be working with as well, so interesting miracles happen. We look forward to the upcoming baptisms soon.
Thanks for everything good here.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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