Monday, July 27, 2009

Regan July 27, 2009

This past week has been very eye opening experience and I really received a witness on how hard work may not seem to get anywhere and then the fruit happens to come or fall all at once.

On Monday we visited Marty and had a pretty good lesson. We watched the special witnesses DVD with him but he is not progressing really anymore so we will see how everything goes this week. We had dinner with a family and shared a great message of Alma 57:21 and the kids were able to catch on pretty well with the message.

On Tuesday we traveled to Defuniak Springs and had a great District meeting. We discussed about the work and how we will strengthen each other and really work hard to bless the families around us. We came back and visited a few referrals and potential investigators that we don't have the opportunity to see very often and it went well. We went on Splits later that night. Elder Jensen and I visited the Sheets family with Brother Blum. It went really well and I fell we will be able to help them regain their activity in the church.

On Wednesday we started out visiting all the investigators that were really close to us who we have had appointments with but they have fallen through a couple of times. We were able to see that they were not as accepting and prepared as we would of hoped. We did find Rick as we were visiting them and will hopefully continue the progression with him. We went and visited Hazel Perry and set up a new appointment with her and visited a less active family who live very close. Later that night Elder Barlow and I went and taught Brother Phillips about a the Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, and Tithes & Offerings. It went really well and they both committed to follow them. Elder Jensen stayed at the 2nd ward activity which went really well and the ward members brought many of there non-member friends and family.

On Thursday we planned quite a few great things throughout the remainder of this week and for the next. We went and visited the Fehlman's and helped continue to chop wood up for their fireplace. I really enjoy being able to help and serve them as we do. We discussed the weekly reading which was in Moses 5. We read it earlier that day and many of the questions in areas that we had and figured out as we continued to read and ponder on the insights we received were the same questions that they had and we were able to answer and help them understand. We taught Brother Hutchins the Stop Smoking class that went really well. He committed to following everything and so far he has been doing great. We then had activity night and we had more investigators than members and were able to fellowship real well.

On Friday we went up to Laurel Hill in the Paxton Branch. We went out with President Coleman and tracted for 4.5 hours. We were able to find between the 4 of us 5 new investigators.

On Saturday we had all of our return appointments with them. We tried to visit all of those we had found and after 4 straight hours of appointments falling through we were wondering what was happening but, by the end we had the opportunity to teach Amy and Wes. We had very powerful restoration lessons and they committed to read and pray to know if what we had taught them were true.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to the Paxton Branch and Wes and his kids were at church. It was great and he enjoyed it. In the 1st ward Misty, Kevin, and Joey all came to church and that was great because we are planning for Kevin's baptism on this coming Saturday. In the 2nd ward Sister Fehlman and her husband came and it was a shock because we did not even expect it to happen and it excited us dearly. Later that evening we went to Sister Toolan's house and Brittany and Regan were there. They are Sister Toolan's daughter friends and there parents gave them permission to teach them. We answered all of their questions and we will again teach them today at around 4. I really love serving around such great member that are willing to sacrifice there time and love to helping us and there friends and families. They truly are becoming One with the Missionary work here in the 2nd Ward.This week was full of ups and downs but through it all I received such a confirming witness that our work for the last 3 days of this week was a trial but truly the ultimated blessing of love and compassion from Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That they as Nephi said best that he will prepare away to accomplish what he desires us to do.

Love you

Elder Regan Hansen

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