Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler June 21 2010

Dear family,

Hello, happy fathers day yesterday dad. I hope everything was good. I need to send a package home but it is like 141 rand just to slow boat it home per Kg. and like 271 per kg with the flight, but I do have a lot of world cup stuff and Namibia stuff to send before I go through East London airways again. This zone leader stuff is quite a job sometimes getting all the information from the elders and then sending it to Cape Town. I would have to say the blessing of this mission is the cell phones that every companionship has but it can also be a problem as well. This week we are going on exchanges to Port Alfred and Gramstown today and so that will be a three day journey and then we will be back to East London on Thursday morning with the interviews with President Probst. You asked what the zone leader stuff is like? Well the zone leaders are together as a companionship and so you do the responsibility together. I think that I like it more than district leader because you can work together and just not as a one person. Every Friday we have to get reports back from the district leaders Cannon and Cooney in East London and then on Sunday night we get reports back from Elder Buthelezi and Elder Diphala who are in Port Alfred and Gramstown. Every other week we either call the ap's and send the information to them or it is done by typing the information in which we did that today. We also email all the statistics to the mission office in Cape Town and then give a zone leader workshop every six weeks when president is here and the zone conference is going on. The world cup is going pretty well their are a lot of families that are always home and some of them are willing to shut off the t.v. so that we can teach something. It is funny to get emails from home because they have no idea what being on mission is like. I haven't seen any soccer games but I hear that the USA is tying all their games and South Africa isn't doing the greatest. We have one girl for baptism, her name is Minki and she has been taught now for the past couple of months. We keep giving her dates and she just wants to keep postponing them to the next week. We went to the Kaschula farm this past Friday and Minki was able to attend but I was able to see a lot of people from the other wards because they had a triple ward sausage sizzle. The ap's came this week and we did the exchange with Elder Tanner and Elder Msimango and so I went with Elder Tanner for the day. We have had a hard time finding new investigators lately and so we have been doing some different business tracting. It is really small world, their is this girl that just walked into the email cafe and she said that she is from Mapleton, Utah and she is doing some research for Byu and has been in the country for like a month. Well you will have to send some pictures of the summer because I need some. have a good week.

love Elder Tyler Hansen

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