Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler July 6 2010

Hello family.

Well happy birthday throughout the week Cassandra. I wasn’t able to get the letter through yesterday but all is well for the both of us here. This past week has been good with the members being able to come out with us. We took out Bro. Jikejela on Saturday morning after setting a few appointment during the week and most of them held. We were both just very impressed with Bro. Jikijella and the confidence that he had as he was answering the questions of the people, I think that he just got promoted to be a ward missionary but it was good to have him because a lot of fellow shippers you have to prod and poke to get them to say something but he was very open with the lessons that we taught. Bro Lopez the ward mission leader is going to do a ward fireside with the members of the ward and will do that on this Sunday. He will do a power point presentation to help excite the members to get the gospel to everyone around. Minki we finally was able to help her to baptism and she will be baptized this Sunday so that is really a highlight. We went on exchanges with Elder Cannon and Elder Fozard and Elder Fozard came over to our area. I was very impressed with his teaching skills and his dedication to mission even with the resistance from his family. We had some good appointments that still held and also handed out some of the magazines throughout the day to different business around East London mainly in the Vincent area. I am impressed with the responses that we get of just handing out magazines because a lot of the people that we meet are working class people and usually have some good questions. I was thinking of stapling some questions to the souls onto the magazines to create some more interest in the people, but it is quite nice to get some good responses from different business around. Have a good week.

Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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