Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler June 28 2010

hello family,
Chris you had a question about some advice on mission? read the book of mormon and everything will work together for your good. Love the book of mormon because you will have to read it for two years. Well this week has been full of peaks and shadows but this week we had the opportunity to visit Port Alfred and Gramstown. Thursday we came back to do some interviews with President. Sometimes I don't like to write what happens during the week because life is interesting here in South Africa. On interviews I told president I said you know president it seem like mission getting harder as you near the close how do keep up the spirituality and just keep on climbing? He says well it is a lot like the saviors ministry he said the most difficult time was during his last week that is when he went through most of the suffering and temptations and everything to accomplish the perfect atonement. Well I thought about the words that he said throughout that day. Anyways that evening we were headed back to the boarding it was a pretty hard day a lot of the appointments had dropped and things couldn't really get any worse for the most part. We started filling up the car at the pump and Elder Heydenrych said here can you come with me I need to go to the bathroom. So I said alright lets go. He went inside the store and asked the cashier where the toilets were, she said they were just around the corner. So we walked around the corner and all of the sudden something was going on that I had least expected, there was this lady that was crouched down taking a wiz on the side of the building. We walked silently past her to the bathroom and as soon as I got in we both just started laughing, from the looks of it someone was in the woman's bathroom and she couldn't wait to go. I wish she could of at least went to the men's restroom but she didn't even seem embarrassed for the most part or anything. As we came out she was finishing up and just standing there. Well after that incident I was just like what in the world is this place coming to saying to myself well you don't see that everyday and trying to think of the saviors last week. Well it doesn't look like things are going to get any easier and you probably know why I don't give full day reports with all the tribulations that we face around here with these people. Well other than that we have had a pretty good week and we have a baptism on the 10th of July with our investigator Minky. Sounds like everything is going well back at home, just don't tell Kevin that story and tell him that Cape Town is the best mission really in this world. I told president Elder Farley was coming and he asked me if he was related to the Farley that came before. Transfers are coming up next week and so it will be a pretty busy one. Has the summer been pretty hot? Well have a good week have a good day.

love Elder Tyler Hansen

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