Monday, July 12, 2010

Regan, July 12, 2010

Well this past week had a lot of changes but it saw us through adjusting and changing to accomplish those things that the Lord saw fit for us to do.

Monday we started off the day with Elder Bawden finding out that he was getting transferred to Daphne. I really felt that it was coming and I hope that his adjustment will go well with being here for so long. We were also able to spend sometime doing are emails and helping him to get prepared for having to move. We were able to visit with the Parkes family and let others now about the changes. We had dinner with the Fairchild's which went really well and then Elder Bawden began packing and getting things all in order.

Tuesday we had a really good district meeting and were able to focus on how we can become more successful missionaries in His service. We talked about different things that come through be a successful missionary and about how we could all individually improve to become better. We then had lunch with the Parkes, Odom's, and Jordan's over at the Parkes home. It was a good time and Elder Bawden was able to say his goodbyes. We then headed to visit Dayton so he could say goodbye and talked with him about a few referrals that he has for us. We stopped by the Martyn's and talked a bit about the Elders Quorum with him and will be working with him closely about doing service in the future. We visited a few other members that Elder Bawden wanted to say goodbye to and then had dinner with the Madison family. We had a really great dinner and were able to share a few thoughts with them. We finished the night by Elder Bawden saying goodbye to Brother Serrano and the Fairchilds.

Wednesday we began the day with Brother Blackburn taking us up to the Theodore building to see Elder Bawden off and a few other missionaries. As we waited for Elder Marshall to arrive we did some cleaning. Elder Bawden had been there for a long time and we cleaned up a lot of things that had collected since the apartment had opened up. We had a lesson with Kimberly Evans who is a recent convert and talked with her about how reading has been going. Ever since she was able to get a Quadruple Combination she has been very consistent with reading and you could see the change that it has made. We came back and met Elder Marshall at our apartment and allowed him to unpack and get things set up before we took him shopping. We had family home evening at the church and had a great lesson on testimony with Sister Byrd. Elder Marshall was able to meet a lot of ward members there and most of the leadership of the ward.

Thursday we went with Brother Cogsdell up to visit with Brent Taylor who is one of our investigators. We had a really good lesson and Elder Marshall and I stayed with one of his friends, while Elder Mackay and Brother Cogsdell taught Brent. We had to split because his friend wasn't interested in the church and just wanted to argue so we just talked and listened to him and allowed him to just talk. We stayed up and Saraland and visited with Allen Peoples and found out that he is transferring back down here for school, so we will be seeing him a lot more. We visited with Sister Coker and her grandson's were there Mathew and Keith. It was great because Mathew is one of our investigators and it allowed us to also see how their family was doing. We visited with a few referrals and found Chrissy and Jeremy Weaver. We were able to share a bit of a message and set up a return appointment with them. We stopped by and visited with the Juarez family and Sister Juarez has been really busy with school. We then went up with the Brother Martyn and Brother Hearn to finish a service project for Sister Mathie.

Friday we started off the day with Planning which went really well and I was able to help Elder Marshall understand and become more comfortable about the area. We were able to update records and talk with a lot of referrals and get them all worked out. We went out and did a little bit of tracting as we around a few less active families that we have been trying to see. We talked with Sister Thompson and invited her to church and activity night. We also visited with the Johnny's who are a recent convert family and they have been doing really good. We then had dinner with the Parkes and Jordan's at the church before activity night which went really well.

Saturday we started off by going to the flea market and visiting Sister Bross and we talked with her daughter. They are both less active but we are hoping to get them back. We then had lunch with Sister Seats and talked with her about how she has been able to help Melissa. Melissa is one of our investigators and we thanked her for her help and support for her. We went and visited with the Blackmon's and found out that Brother Blackmon is in the hospital so we decided when we got back down to visit him. We visited the Wyser's also and were able to talk with them and invite them to church. We visited with Brother Rosales and were able to help him feel a little better because he was dehydrated and he had been having a hard time and we helped him about by listening to him. We had an appointment with Caroline and had a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able through the Spirit to commit her to baptism on August 7th. I am sad to say I won't be there but everything will go well.

Sunday we had a really good day at church and the spirit was very strong and the lessons all taught us many new things. We were able to have Melissa and Mathew both at church and there were quite a few less active members that showed up to church. Sister Fairchild taught Gospel Principles for us and we were able to spend more time interacting with our investigators through a discussion setting. After church we came back and after lunch visited Brother Blackmon in the Hospital and gave him a blessing. We then came back and did some studies and while we were studying we received a phone call from a member in Birmingham asking if we could give his a grandson who was in the hospital in Mobile. We were able to visit and administer and everything will be alright. We then went to dinner over at Dayton's and talked with him a little bit with doing service and inviting him to church. We ended the night by visiting with Brother Serrano and I said my goodbye's to a lot of people.

It is sad that my time has now come to a close but everything is in God's hands and he will bless his children continually. I know that the Gospel has been Restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and he brought forth the Book of Mormon through the gift and power of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and gives us a witness that truly brings the Gospel to us in the fullest. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is powerful and it doesn't only redeem us but it enables us. I know that President Monson is the Modern Day Prophet in these latter days and he is guiding Christ's true and living church. I know that my mission in his hands and strength will always carry me through anything with the patterns of success I have been able to receive in his strength.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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