Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler June 7 2010

Hi Elder Hansen, this is Ndapewa Nepaya.... how are u doing? am doing very well indeed. i believe you are doing great and coping in your new place of service, wat is it called again, i knw Elder Probst told me but it jst slipped my mind.

So further? i should really thank you for the wonderful gift, its beautiful and i really love it, thank you so much, am telling you am going to know all hyms from now on...hahahaha.
Am grateful for the time you have been here, for all the good news you have shared, continue to do the good work, and to bless the souls of many.

Alright then i think you must start learning how to write wth your right am jst kidding....i first sent the mail to the wrong address, so the way you wrote the full stop, it looks like -, so they returned it, so i hope this one really finds you as it is.

Cheers Tyler, take care and be blessed!!!!

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