Monday, July 19, 2010

Tyler July 19 2010


Well the picture pretty much explains it. Minki was baptized this past Saturday and bro. Duncan Olshig was the one who baptized her. Bro Lopez is our ward mission leader and he is just to the right of me. He is author of a book get better in 90 minutes which I just recently read through. It is pretty good but he is a psychologist and so their is some interesting things printed their. He is a motivational speaker and is from Mexico just hanging out in South Africa of all places in the world because he loves the beauty here. Minkis baptism was a great success and she was even willing to be baptized in the cold water since the hot water heater wasn’t working. I was just impressed to see that Zokiswa and Ndende both came to church it made it a real highlight since we weren’t really expecting Ndende to come and since she is quite lethargic. Zukiswa could definitely be baptized soon since she is reading quite a bit of the book of mormon each day. We hope to find some more father led families which bishop really purposed and I am really impressed with bishop Human and his determination to find with us as well. He said this past week he would find with us a little so he is really a champion. I was able to go with Elder Cooney this past week on exchanges and he is doing quite well. They could definitely have quite a few baptisms in the ward in the next couple of months. We were able to see Jenny, Phillip, and also bro Banda and I saw that they all came to church yesterday. I was really impressed with how he works with the members because sis Vonbrugen came to Jenny's place and helped fellow shipped. I could also see that bro Banda is moving along as well and had some good questions about the Savior being Jehovah so we shared a little out of Ether Ch 3. It is a nice father led family and I just noticed that Elder Cooney has a great love for the area and so there is much success in the old area of 1st ward. We have a lot of good district leaders but Elder Kambeva in Gramstown every time you call him to give reports he just says, We are good. How is the work ethic out there? good. How is your companion? good. Did you have any spiritual experiences? good. Some of these African elders are pretty funny. Well we will have zone conference this upcoming Tuesday and I only have 3 including this one left. It is entitled how do I work with my ward and branch leaders more effectively. For our zone report we are going to do an hour presentation on progress records and how to do them properly to present them to a ward mission leader. I have some good questions that I am going to ask president so that is something I look forward to sharing. I sent the package it is on its way. you will like it but hopefully it gets there. I talked with Elder Cannon and he said his package that he sent took 8 months to get home to Moab, UT. But I insured it so I believe they will respect it. I will send some more stuff out this week though through airmail. Thanks have a good day and send some more pictures.

love Elder Tyler Hansen

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