Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler July 12 2010

Hello family,

How was your week? It was a good week. Brother Lopez had a missionary fireside that tied into a motivation speech and their was quite a few people who attended and we committed them to find 3 people in the next 3 weeks to give to us as referrals so we are excited to see the results of that. We are finding more and more people that like the family proclamations when we find near Egoli and we have also been able to do a few business approaches to places like Wimpys in Vincent using the family proclamation. We followed up with this white Africaans family who we gave a book of mormon to the (Wanrensburgs) and they have read through about 40 pages of it and he says that it is really interesting, It is just very exciting when you can give a white person a book of mormon and they are willing to read it. Minki postponed her baptism but will be baptized this Saturday, We don't know why she postponed but she just said it was because of lady problems. Well This week was transfers and both me and Elder Heydenrych will be staying together until August 19. We haven't really been able to watch any of the games at all, but all day the people are usually in their home watching the games. Since we are in East London and there is no stadium cups their just isn't as much noise. I wish that I was kind of serving in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth to hear some more excitement. A lot of the zone hasn't changed much at all with this last transfer. We only had two people that changed in our zone and they were based in Gramstown and so we sent them off and picked up Elder Kambeva and Elder Motsephe from East London airport on Thursday. well have a good week.

love Elder Tyler Hansen

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