Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler May 28 2010

Dear family,

I thought i would just write and tell you that i will most probably write to you back on next Wednesday. This week was transfer news for us and so President asked me to be a Zone Leader in East London and so I will be doing the zone leader stuff in East London. I will be in the 2nd ward but It is good to get back to see some acquaintances since this is my first area. We spent most of the day yesterday to get here from George on bus which was like a good 9 hour bus drive from George to East London, Elder Bradshaw and I ended up getting here at like 11 o'clock Thursday night. We are going to fly back to Cape Town to have a zone leader council with President Probst on Monday and so me and my companion Elder Hydenrich will be flying to Cape Town on Monday and then come back to East London on Tuesday, so I will most likely email you back on Wednesday. Elder Hydenrich is from Johannesburg and so he is pretty cool. There is four districts in East London and there is three new missionaries in the zone. Two of them are from England so that is pretty cool because I like the English elders. Well take care have a good weekend.

Love Tyler Hansen

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