Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler June 14 2010

Dear family,

How are you doing, are you still alive? I didn't get anything from you guys for a first. Sorry I am sending some pretty lame letters and stuff , it seems like I cant send some decent emails with all this zone leader stuff you have to send to Cape Town. Well this week has been good. The world cup started up this past Friday and so there has been vuvuzelas that people are blowing day and night. I hope I can buy some flags of South Africa and world cup stuff to send back home. This past week we had our zone conference on Thursday and it was really good. We focused on the book of mormon and how we can better teach it to confirm the message of the restoration. Elder Heydenrych and I did our workshop and sister probst shared on being prepared. With the death of Elder Zulu a few weeks ago and things that are going on in the mission it was a good lesson. President Probst shared the incident that happened this past week. In the area of Queenstown there was a boarding that caught fire and the elders that were in are safe but all of there clothes and scriptures and everything that belonged to them personally was all destroyed. The elders got back home in the evening from proselyting the day that it happened and they found everything ruined and burned but they found one thing that was not destroyed and that was there area book with the records of the people that were in it. President Probst summarized the reasons why some things were burned and why that wasn't. Scriptures can only be good if they are used for someone else, garments can only be good if they are worn on the body for protection, It was a neat miracle that happened were the area book was completely untouched by any fire or flames. Well the Ap's are coming Thursday to do some exchanges with me and Heydendrych. Well have a good week!

love Elder Tyler Hansen

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