Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tyler June 2 2010

hello family,

Thanks for the message. We got back from Cape Town safely and everything went very well. I cant believe how much responsibility there is to being a zone leader, I thought it would be easier then the district leader stuff but it is quite different. The zone leader council went really well and there was so much discussed, I have never had so much to eat and sat on a chair in such a long time. The world cup is coming soon and so there was a lot that was discussed in respect to that and how the work will go when that happens. I can see that there will be an opportunity for a lot of foreign people to be taught. President Probst mentioned that when the salt lake winter games were going on the missionary work really exploded and so maybe it could be the same for here in South Africa but I think the concerns was just the safety of the missionaries since there was just one not to recently who died. Well things are looking good for the future the exchanges will be something to look forward to. We get to go to Port Alfred and also out to Gramstown to see the district leaders. The work here is going a little bit slow as far as having investigators but hopefully we can find some more through working with the members. Well nothing to new to report on just traveling around a lot. How is everything going at home?
Have a good week.

love Elder Tyler Hansen

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